The Flying Fifteen Class

Uffa Fox and the story of the Flying Fifteen

A brief history

Designed by the legendary Uffa Fox, the 6m (20ft) Flying Fifteen has maintained its reputation as an exciting and competitive two-man racing craft. It provides access to sailing at reasonable prices for men and women from 15 to 75 and beyond.


Four decades of Flying Fifteens in Ireland

The Flying Fifteen is a superb design that has evolved over decades, proving its worth and staying power as the first sportsboat. This colourful history of the fleet from 1969 to 1989 is written from a Dun Laoghaire perspective, but with honourable mentions north, south and west, put together by Peter O'Shea and Chris Doorly.
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Why sail a Fifteen?

The Flying Fifteen is one of the older active designs around. So why do so many sailors choose it in preference to later classes? Here's an excellent post from the Flying Fifteen blog that eloquently makes the argument that the FF's gradual evolution over decades is its strength.

Welcome to Flying Fifteen sailing in Ireland

Welcome to Flying Fifteen sailing in Ireland

The Flying Fifteen is the original sports boat. It's a two-person, 20-foot racer that provides great sailing for thriving fleets around Ireland...


The boat