The Flying Fifteen Class

Welcome to Flying Fifteen sailing in Ireland

Welcome to Flying Fifteen sailing in Ireland

The Flying Fifteen is the original sports boat. It's a two-person, 20-foot racer that provides great sailing for thriving fleets around Ireland...


What's a Flying Fifteen?

A beginner's introduction to the boat

The Flying Fifteen (or F15) is a two-person sailing dinghy. The F15 is a keelboat, designed for racing. The keel is quite big and heavy, so capsizes are very rare.


Why the Flying Fifteen is among Ireland's spectacular sailing successes

Afloat's WM Nixon on how the Flying Fifteen has the X-factor to survive and thrive... 

'Today’s Flying Fifteens may have been technically refined to the ultimate degree to give maximum sport for the minimum of hassle. But their current runaway success – they’re far and away the biggest keelboat One Design class in Dublin Bay – is down to a friendly and very active local class association, and its readiness to reach out the hand of friendship and encouragement to anyone who might be thinking of joining the class’s ranks.'

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Boat spec

Flying Fifteen facts

Designer Uffa Fox
Overall Length 20 ft 6.1 m
Waterline Length 15 ft 4.6 m
Beam 5 ft 1.52 m
Draft 2 ft 6 in 0.76 m
Mast Height 22 ft 6 in 6.86 m
Sail Area 150 sq ft 14 sqm
Spinnaker Area 140 sq ft 13 sqm
Hull Weight 300 lb 136 kg
Keel Weight 400 lb 169 kg
Minimum Weight 685 lb 305 kg
Racing Crew   Two
Ideal Crew Range 18 - 28 st 145 - 185 kg
Source: Flying Fifteen New Zealand website

Participation trends

Alan Green has compiled some interesting statistics on participation in FFAI events since 2002, with the period from 2008 illustrated below. Overall, the figures show the travelling fleet holding up well. 


The boat