Mulvin and Beirne score four bullets to lift Westerns plate

We have not one but two reports from the Western Championship held in the stunning setting of Lough Derg over the weekend (October 17-18).

 Report 1: The Lough Derg Yacht Club Freshwater Keelboat Regatta for the Flying Fifteen West Coast Championship Plate presented the opportunity to race on the Shannon as part of a well organised even which also hosted the Dragon, SB20 & Squib classes. This was the first occasion for the Flying Fifteen class to race in this well-organised event with excellent shore facilities.

Six boats form Dun Laoghaire and Whitehead made their way to Dromineer, just beyond Nenagh Co Tipperary. A tow made easy by a great road all the way.


With no wind and fog on Saturday morning, we wondered if there would be racing. However, on arrival at the club we were advised that there would  be four races,so out we went in very light airs.

With a windward leeward course with wing and gate for the Fifteens and Squibs, the R.O. and team from the lovely flag boat “Amerillis” got us going with efficiency and great attention to the course and position of the marks.

3938 Niall Meagher with Keith Poole took line honours in the first two races, with Bryan Willis & John McPeake second.  In the next two races, 4028 David Mulvin and Ronan Beirne finished with two guns, when the O.D. John Leech asked if we would like another race and off we went into race 5, with 4028 taking the win and with 3762 John O’Sullivan & John Whelan second.

A great supper at the club house with World Cup Rugby to entertain us followed by a traditional band.

Sunday we were scheduled to start at 9.30, so launch at 8.30 and at the breakfast table at 7.30 and it dark outside  – we are supposed to be enjoying this !

And so we launched for the final race with either 4028 or 3938 requiring a win to secure the event, “Ignis Caput” 4028 crossing the line first to win the West Coast Championship Plate. hose who attended were well pleased with the racing provided and hospitality ashore and greatly look forward to returning next year. Thanks to all at the Club, Sponsors and Race Team.

 Report 2: Mulvin & Beirne win the season finale and are Western Champions 

Despite a small fleet, there was some fantastic racing on Lough Derg this weekend with David Mulvin and Ronan Beirne winning the Western Championship by one point.

The result was uncertain up to the last race. Niall Meagher and Keith Poole were second and Bryan Willis and John McPeake were third. Most races saw the lead change hands at least twice if not three times and the fleet finished within minutes of each other. We also had the unique sight of a single hander on Sunday well done Ralf!


Winds were light for the weekend but LDYC made every effort to ensure that the full race programme of six races was completed. Five races were run on Saturday (eight hours on the water!) and one early on Sunday to allow everyone in to watch the rugby in plenty of time.

The event was run on two courses with three other fleets, the Dragons and SB20s on one course and the Flying Fifteens and Squibs on the second course. Having other the other fleets gave the venue a real buzz. 

The host club laid on some fantastic food and hospitality. All in all a most enjoyable weekend and LDYC have already confirmed that we’d be welcome back next year, so it seems our western Championship now has a new home.

Full results:

News Mulvin and Beirne score four bullets to lift Westerns plate