DBSC line duty 2017

The DLFF allocation for committee boat duties this season is set out below. 


Name 1

Name 2

Saturday, April 29

Ben Mulligan

Gerry Ryan

Saturday, June 3

John Whelan

Geraldine O’Neill

Tuesday, June 20

Hugh Cahill

Mick Cahill

Saturday, June 24

Chris Doorly

Dave Gorman

Saturday, July 15

Nicki Matthews

Mick Quinn

Saturday, July 29

Adrian Cooper

Ross Doyle

Saturday, August 12

Peter Sherry

Michael Cotter

Saturday, August 26

Mark McGuirke

Joe Coughlan

Saturday, September 23

Ken Dumpleton

Peter Cronin

Names have been allocated by lot. They are in order of the draw, except where the outcome would have affected a boat team on two race days. In this case, both sailors are assigned to the first date drawn between them.

See details of attendance place and time in DBSC yearbook.

Line duty is a requirement for our participation in DBSC, with severe penalties for the fleet if we fail to honour it. If you are unable to fulfil the duty on your assigned day, please arrange a swap well in advance and inform the class captain. 




DLFF DBSC line duty 2017